Uluru & Kata Tjuta : 2 Jours & 1 Nuit

Excursion avec Adventure Tours Australia - Départ de Yulara


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Durée : 2 Jours & 1 Nuit

Départ à 13h45
1 nuit au Ayers Rock Resort

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Tour Uluru 2 jours & 1 nuit, à la découverte des secrets du centre rouge


Uluru est un symbole de l’Australie. Sa découverte est un moment unique, mystique et riche en histoire. Vous avez peut être déjà vu des dizaines de photos de ce fameux « rocher » rouge. Mais c’est en se rendant sur place que le site prend une autre dimension.


Uluru, aussi connu sous le nom d’Ayers Rock, s’élève à 348 mètres. C’est un lieu sacré pour les aborigènes : ils y pratiquent encore parfois des rituels et des peintures d’une très grande importance spirituelle.


Avec « The Rock Tours », vous visiterez Uluru et ses environs avec des guides expérimentés ! Cette excursion de 2 jours & 1 nuit vous permettra de voir les endroits les plus populaires du centre rouge. Le transport sera effectué en car climatisé et serez hébergé une nuit dans le camping de Yulara (centre touristique d’Uluru) et dormirez en « swag » (grand sac de couchage avec matelas intégré) à la belle étoile.


*En ce qui concerne vos bagages, vous avez la possibilité d’emmener votre grosse valise. Sachez cependant qu’elle sera dans une remorque (moins pratique) c’est pourquoi il est recommandé de la laisser à votre hôtel et de ne prendre qu’un sac à dos.

The Rock Tour
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Brian Chae
Brian Chae
14:08 01 Jan 20
I had an amazing experience thanks to The Rock... Tour. The guide Donk was always fun, caring and willing to help. He did a really good job to give us better experience in many ways. I won’t forget this trip in my life, majestic places with nice people.plus
Claire Chambon
Claire Chambon
22:23 16 Dec 19
We had an amazing trip thanks to our awesome... guide Donk! I’ve never seen anyone put as much effort and passion into his work as a guide. He bent over backwards for the group: cooked for us, gave us snacks, told us amazing stories of every places we visited and looked after everyone! An amazing way to visit the outback!! 😊I highly recommend this tour !plus
Shane McAuliffe
Shane McAuliffe
07:49 29 Oct 19
We had a amazing trip mostly because of our... totally awesome guide Robert. I’ve never seen anyone put as much effort attention and passion into his work. His detail of the desert and it’s history was accurate, funny and Insightful( not bad for a German:) Robert even brought me my hat to me at dinner after i left it in the bus after the tour. Highly recommend these guys for a trip. I’d give them six stars if I could !plus
Kate Newland
Kate Newland
01:53 10 Sep 19
We did the 3 day Rock tour. It really was better... than we expected. Our guide (Mishka) was incredible and made everyone feel included. He was also very knowledgeable about the Anangu people and shared a lot of information about the rock formations and how the indigenous people used their surroundings. The 2 nights sleeping in swags under the stars was beautiful. Would recommend downloading an app which helps identify the star formations. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved which can make the experience richer and more personal. 100% would recommend to people looking for a down to earth and real Aussie outback experience!!! K & Nplus
Lindsay Judy
Lindsay Judy
14:03 14 Jul 19
You get what you pay for. (I would give the... quality of the tour 3.5 stars).I booked this tour because we were on a tight budget but still wanted to camp in the Outback. When we booked our tour, I did read that if there weren't enough people on the dates you booked, they would cancel, reschedule, or change your itinerary. This happened to us and I will say customer service-wise, they did a good job of trying to accommodate us. Instead of the 3 day, 2 night camping trip, they changed it to a 2 day, 1 night camping trip, put us up for another night in Alice Springs, paid for our dinner, and booked us for a tour of the West McDonnell Ranges the next day. All of that was positive minus the West McDonnell Range tour (that was not associated with The Rock Tour). That tour (through Emu Run I believe) was a disappointment and we missed going to King's Canyon which everyone said was one of their favorite sights in the Outback... Lesson: If you really want to see something, pay extra to go with a group that doesn't cancel.Once we left the following morning with the Rock Tour, it took us approximately 6 hours or so to get to the Ayers Rock area. Once we got there, we spent 4 hours dropping off people at the airport, picking up people at a campsite, going back and picking people up at the airport... A lot of dead time. I understand it was necessary to get everyone, but we didn't get started with the sightseeing until around 3ish, so it made for a long day of waiting.Our tour guide, I forget his name, was knowledgeable, but lacked some social skills. He made a joke about Germans on D-Day and made another joke on how it was "too bad" the Americans made it back on the bus... Yikes. He also made you feel less than intelligent if you didn't know the answers to his questions.We rented sleeping bags from the company and while I'm sure they work well during the summer, they were not rated for winter camping and we shivered the whole night. Not the Rock Tour's fault, we should have layered up more, but definitely not the best quality of equipment. The food was so-so, nothing special, but that is probably to be expected on a camping trip.All that to say, would I recommend this tour? If you go in with the right expectations that this is a hostel-quality/no frills tour, you'll be fine. I think overall my biggest disappointments were missing King Canyon, not liking the make up day tour, and the tour guide. Other than that, we met nice people and saw what we paid to see.plus
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Vous partirez de la petite ville de Yulara (ou récupérés directement à l’aéroport). La ville de Yulara fut créée lorsque les autorités du Commonwealth décidèrent d’établir des motels à la base d’Uluru, un site indigène sacré.


Vous irez prendre le déjeuner au centre culture Aboriginal Cultural Centre où vous pourrez découvrir les légendes aborigènes du Dreamtime. ,


Vous serez ensuite conduit à la marche autour du rocher d’Uluru (Base Walk). Tout au long vous pourrez vous familiariser avec les significations spirituelles des sites sacrés : Kantju Gorge et Mutijulu Waterhole, jusqu’aux caves et leurs peintures rupestres. Un guide vous fera ensuite découvrir la Mala Walk avant de diner au coucher du soleil face à Uluru.


Vous rejoindrez ensuite le camping de Ayers Rock Campground pour une nuit à la belle étoile. Toilets and showers are available.

Levez-vous de bonne heure pour assister à un lever de soleil magnifique sur Uluru.


Ensuite direction les Kata Tjuta, pour effectuer la fameuse marche dans la Valley of the Winds. Votre guide vous donnera de nombreuses informations sur les plantes locales et les formations rocheuses.


Vous pourrez ensuite être déposé à l’aéroport d’Ayers Rock si vous avez un vol à prendre. Ou finir le tour au Ayers Rock Resort. L’été (Octobre à Avril) la navette vous posera à l’aéroport à 11h30. L’hiver (Mai à Septembre) les retours se font à midi (ce qui correspond aux heures de vols internes).


  • Kata Tjuta
  • Dîner à la belle étoile
  • Coucher de Soleil & Champagne
  • Centre Culturel Aborigène
  • Mala Walk



  • Tarif : 470 AUD  (prix public 495 AUD)
  • Taxe Entrée parc : +38 AUD (supplément à régler sur place)

Les points de rencontre : Où et Quand ?

Summer Tours (Octobre à Avril)

  • Départ de l’Outback Pioneer à 12h ou de Ayers Rock Airport à 12h45
  • Retour le lendemain vers 11h30

Winter Tours (Avril à Octobre) 

  • Départ de l’Outback Pioneer à 12h ou de Ayers Rock Airport à 1.45pm – 2pm
  • Retour le lendemain vers midi

Services et commodités inclus

  • Dîner à la belle étoile
  • Promenade culturelle
  • Centre culturel d’Uluru
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